Berlin Palace

A digital reconstruction

The rebuilding and accompanying digital reconstruction of the Berlin Palace with modern software since 2000 has been one of our biggest projects in terms of detail, complexity and output.

Working in the palace archive.
Berlin Palace - historical areal photography.

With the start of this project, we intended to prove, against opinions to the contrary, that it is possible to make a digital reconstruction of the Berlin Palace without any existing construction plans. Using instead thousands of historical photographs, we recreated the original measurements using a photogrammetric process.

We started with Portal 8, a part of the former Schlüterhof, and presented the finished 3d model of it with our software partner at the CEBIT in 2001. Around the same time, we met Wilhelm von Boddien for the first time, the chairman and founder of the Förderverein Berliner Schloss. With our newly-gained experience with portal 8, we offered Wilhelm von Boddien a complete digital reconstruction of the whole Berlin Palace, a job that some experts and universities had up to then considered impossible.

The first official task from Boddien was to build the 4 outer walls with Portal 3 and its dome to present it in its correct historical colour and materials to an international commission of experts at their last meeting in 2000. One of the arguments of the Berlin Palace critics was that they assumed the Palace to be a “big old grey box”. This was a little absurd, because their assumptions were based on black and white photographs. After 9 months of work, on 18 December 2001 we reached our goal, and convinced the commission to recommend the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace to the Federal Government.

For the Bundestag’s referendum on the Palace’s rebuilding in July 2002, we wanted to present a second movie with an even better and more detailed model of the Berlin Palace which includes the complete Schlüterhof, the Volutengiebel of the Eosanderportal, and a revised color design, which we elaborated with the help of Prof. Goerd Peschken.

On 4 July 2002, the German Bundestag voted for the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace, including the three front walls of the Schlüterhof.

We are still working on digital images for the Berlin Palace project in cooperation with the architect Stella and the Berlin senate, as well as for the Förderverein Berliner Schloss to raise the necessary amount of funding.

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