Architecture visualization

To convince your client or the financer of your project, we can translate your architectural visions into realistic and detailed visualizations in many different forms, such as paper prints or real prints.

Historical reconstruction

Whether destroyed by war or just lost over time, we can reconstruct it with modern computer technology and make it visible and tangible again.

3D Printing

One way to create real models using different materials is to make a 3D print from a digitally-built model, which can be used for presentations, exhibitions, museums or just as a present.

3D Realtime presentation

Have you ever imagined walking through your project before it is realized? It is possible with realtime technology and you can use it on smartphones, tablets or desktops.

List of services

Architecture visualization

  • building 3d models from different sources in high or low poly quality
  • 3d model extensions or improvements
  • realistic light and environments
  • 3d models to assist project development
  • concept visualizations
  • colorized floor plans and views for print products

Final products

  • High quality stills for high resolution prints used for brochures, catalogues, flyer or banner
  • HD stills for web projects and screen presentations
  • HD animations for movie sequences and animated screen presentations
  • printed 3d models in different scales
  • digital 3d models as support for other projects (low poly and high poly)
  • Areal finals in cooperation with zeppelin

Historical reconstruction

  • 3d models from historical documents (photographs and construction drawings)
  • modelling from point cloud laser scans

3D Prints

  • 3d model creation and preparation for 3d printing devices
  • 3d print process handling

3D Realtime presentation

  • 3d models and scenes for realtime presentation (mobile devices, desktop, beamer)
  • walkthrough, flythrough, realtime changes

3D Stereoscopic images

  • stereoscopic stills and film sequences for 3d projector systems, stereoscopic displays or anaglyph and parallel prints
  • this technic makes it possible to experience a natural stereoscopic view of your digital 3d models


Flexible, commissioned work based in Berlin. We guide you to the best solution for the realization of your architectural vision. You have a choice between photorealistic renderings for print and screen, animations, 3D prints and realtime solutions.


Sandy Lunitz
Rigaer Straße 12
18107 Rostock

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